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Laboratory Centrifuges

Pioneers in the industry, we offer mini high speed centrifuge, neofuge 1600r laboratory centrifuge, clinical laboratory centrifuge, digital rocker, micro fuge and bench top centrifuge from India.
Mini High Speed Centrifuge

Mini High Speed Centrifuge

Rs 65,000  / Piece(s)Get Best Price
Performance and Feature

  • Extremely compact with exceptionally small footprint
  • 12 x 1.5/2.0 ml capacity rotor
  • Spin up to 14,500 rpm ,14,100 x g
  • Deceleration and acceleration of <18 s
  • Clear, easy-to-use digital display of time and speed
  • Remarkably quiet operation
  • Metal rotor
  • Conform to IEC 1010-2-020 safety regulations
  • Separate Short Spin button for fast, convenient quick spins
  • Excellent air-flow minimizes heating-protects temperature-sensitive samples
  • Lid automatically opens at the end of the run to reduce handling time
  • Maintenance-free drive
  • Rotor is autoclavable at 121°C, 20 min
  • Chemical resistant inner centrifuge lid

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Neofuge 1600R Laboratory Centrifuge

Neofuge 1600R Laboratory Centrifuge

Price on Request


1. Our Neofuge 1600R laboratory centrifuge is refrigerated by a precise CFC-free unit with a temperature control range of -10 to 40
2. It offers a maximum speed of 15000rpm and maximum RCF of 23646×g.
3. Using a swing-out rotor, the laboratory centrifuge provides a maximum capacity of 4×400ml.
4. It uses a reliable "Strong drive" that is specialized for benchtop centrifuge.
5. 9 acceleration and 10 braking curves are available.
6. Neofuge 1600R laboratory centrifuge allows the storage of ten working modes for the convenience of future uses.
7. It utilizes a LCD display that indicates the speed, RCF, time, temperature, acceleration, braking rates and error message.
8. It will give alarms in case of any abnormal operating conditions.
9. Seven autoclavable (121 20min) ultra-duralumin airtight rotors are available.
10. Our Neofuge 1600R laboratory centrifuge has automatic rotor identification function and rotor pre-cooling function.
11. It adopts an electronic imbalance detection system.
12. Our laboratory centrifuges use a patented lid lock system for safety.

Specifications of Neofuge 1600R Laboratory Centrifuge

Max. speed15,000rpmNoise at max. speed≤67dB
Min. speed300rpmTemperature range-10 ~+40 (1600R)
Max. RCF23646 ×gControlMicroprocessor control
Max. capacity4×400mlRunning time≤9h 59min, quick spin
Braking/acceleration curves10/9Dimensions(H ×W ×D)550mm ×670mm ×405mm(1600)
Programs10785mm ×670mm ×405mm(1600R)
Power supply220/50HzNet weight without rotor105KG (1600)
DriveBrushless induction motor126KG (1600R)


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Clinical Laboratory Centrifuge

Clinical Laboratory Centrifuge

Price on Request
Feature Products

Clinical Laboratory Centrifuge

Product Description By placing an order, you can:
  • Ensure the safety of your transaction
  • Receive assistance throughout the entire process

  1. Centrifuge with brushless motor
  2. Centrifuge with microprocessor controlled
  3. Centrifuge with digital display
  4. Centrifuge on sales


1. Full metal housing

2. Stainless steel chamber

3. Microprocessor cotrolled

4. Maintenance-free, quiet, and brushless DC motor

5. Air cooling

6. Digital display of speed and time

7. Control of speed and time

8. Set conditions can be changed while spinning

9. Interlocking door for safety 10. Display of abnormality: imbalance, over-speed, door-open, motor failure, communication failure and system failure.

Additional Information:

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
  • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit),T/T (Bank Transfer),Western Union
  • Port of Dispatch: Any port in china
  • Delivery Time: within 1 week
  • Packaging Details: By carton.

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Digital Rocker

Digital Rocker

Rs 75,000  / Piece(s)Get Best Price
High Precision Digital Speed Control : 1rpm
Patented Jog-Shuttle Control System
CE Certified PL(Product Liability) Insurance


  • Gel Staining, Destaining, Blotting
  • Cell Culture, Hybridization, Washing
  • High Precision Digital Speed Control : 1rpm
  • Programmable Operation Mode Supported : 10 Steps and 6 Programs
  • Digital Timer : Max. 99hr 59min
  • Digital LCD Display with Back-Light Function for Timer, RPM and Power Bar-Graph
  • Smooth Start and Change of Stirring Speed
  • Overload Protection Function for Motor
  • Storage Function for Set Values : RPM and Timer
  • Alarm Function : Error Status and Timer-end
  • Stainless Steel Platform Comes with Gray Nonslip Rubber Pad
  • Stackable Platform with Pad to Double Mixing Area (Optional)
  • Locking Mode supported for Experimental Safety (Input to Jog-Shuttle can be Disabled)

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Micro Fuge

Micro Fuge

Rs 7,000  / Piece(s)Get Best Price

Velocity 6m Microfuge 110-220V (max: 6,000 rpm for Microtube Rotor, 6,200 rpm for Tube-stripes Rotor) (includes Microtubes Rotor MA-1 / Tube-stripes Rotor PA-1)


  • Microtubes Rotor and Tube-strips Rotor Exchangeable

  • Spins 8 Microtubes 1.5-2.2ml and 2 8 well Tube-strips

  • Rotors can be installed in a single motion without tools

  • Compact personal centrifuge fits comfortably in the workspace

  • User-friendly advanced design

  • Manufactured in Japan

  • Long lasting and high quality

  • CE Marked

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Bench Top Centrifuge

Bench Top Centrifuge

Rs 3.5 Lakh  / Piece(s)Get Best Price
The Velocity 14 / 14R centrifuges feature a compact footprint and provides the flexibility to alternate from micro-volume centrifugation to medium-volume centrifugation at an impressive maximum speed of 14,000 RPM / 20,290xg.


Smart, Compact, 3-in-1 Design
The versatile design of the Velocity 14 / 14R centrifuges offers the best from the perspective of micro-volume and medium-volume centrifugation.


The FA15A rotor is sufficiently fast and yet accommodating for up to 24 x 1.5/2 ml tubes with a terminal velocity of 14,000 RPM (18,726 x g) whilst the FA15C rotor has sufficient capacity for up to 6 x 50 ml tubes reaching an impressive terminal velocity of 14,000 RPM (20,290 x g) in V14R. The new SW4C Swing Bucket Rotor further expands the flexibility of the centrifuges to incorporate a wide range of new applications.


Quick Set Rotor System
With the Velocity 14 / 14R simply place the rotor on the drive shaft and that's all. The auto lock and secure mechanism performs the rest. Once centrifugation is complete simply lift the rotor off the drive shaft.

Auto Rotor Recognition

Microchip technology allows for automatic recognition of rotor and confirmation once centrifugation has commenced, including rotational speed calculation and optimum temperature control. Furthermore new rotors can be easily loaded onto the on-board database as they are introduced


Fast Acceleration and Deceleration
The innovative high torque, drive technology effortlessly accelerates even the heaviest rotors to terminal velocity quickly and efficiently. even the heaviest rotors with a full load will achieve maximum velocity within a few minutes. Besides, 9 pre-set acceleration and 9 pre-set deceleration profiles ensure
the right conditions are set for the most precious of samples including density gradients.


High Imbalance Tolerances
innovative motor engineering and mounting including a flexible drive shaft allow for greater imbalance tolerances, so much so that samples can be balanced simply with the naked eye. no more weighing, just fill tubes or bottles to within 5mm of each other.


Powerful Refrigeration (Velocity 14R)
A powerful non-CFC compressor cools the chamber quickly whilst maintaining the rotor at set temperature during centrifugation. Twin cooling fans - one each for the compressor and motor respectively - dissipate heat quickly to improve cooling efficiency and extend motor life.


Actual Sample (Rotor) Temperature Measurement and Display (Velocity 14R)
The temperature displayed on the LCD panel during centrifugation is that of the rotor (and hence samples) and not the temperature of the chamber nor the temperature at the sensor to allow for more precise, reproducible and efficient experimentation.


Safety Features


  • Non-contact imbalance detection and shutdown based on the run profile for each rotor across its entire speed range rather than the inferior and conventional micro-switch detector.
  • Guard barrier
  • Dual lid electronic interlock
  • Auto-hinge for improved sealing and door opening
  • Over speed detection and shutdown
  • Motor overheat detection and shutdown



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High Speed Microcentrifuge

High Speed Microcentrifuge

Price on Request
The Velocity 15u High Speed Microcentrifuge is designed to accelerate your laboratory works by providing excellent and reliable performance. The 15u combines convenience, durability and versatility in a safe, compact and easy to use instrument.

Features & Characters:

  • Maximum speed 15,000rpm (21,380 xg)

  • Choices of rotors for 24 x 0.2/0.5/1.5/2.0ml tubes, 18 x 5ml tubes, 36 x 0.5ml tubes and 4x PCR8

  • Autoclavable Bio-safe rotors

  • Unique Multi-Flow air-cooling technology to lower rotor temperature

  • Automatic lid release after run

  • Dual door interlock safety design

  • User-friendly control panel with large LCD display

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