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Analytical Laboratory Products

The analytical and instrumentation labs are offered with the standard granite top work benches, level adjusting screws and anti vibration rubber pads. These are ideal for power points and gas lines with isolation valves and gauges.
  • Gas Chromatography
Gas Chromatography

Gas Chromatography

Rs 6 Lakh  / PieceGet Best Price

The process of Gas Chromatography is carried out in a specially designed instrument. A very small amount of liquid mixture is injected into the instrument and is volatilized in a hot injection chamber. Then, it is swept by a stream of inert carrier gas through a heated column which contains the stationary, high-boiling liquid. As the mixture travels through this column, its components go back and forth at different rates between the gas phase and dissolution in the high-boiling liquid, and thus separate into pure components. Just before each compound exits the instrument, it passes through a detector. When the detector "sees" a compound, it sends an electronic message to the recorder, which responds by printing a peak on a piece of paper.

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  • Gas Chromatograph
Gas Chromatograph

Gas Chromatograph

Rs 7.5 Lakh  / Piece(s)Get Best Price

Powerful Control

  • Flow and pressure control by Advanced Pneumatic Control
  • Perfect control of all parameters by Autochro-2000
  • Stable and precise control with powerful dual CPUs

Remote Time Control:

  • Remote Time Delay and Remote Signal Output
  • Easy Operation
  • Wide and clear 4 line VFD display
  • Intuitive user interface for a keyboard
  • Column conditioning function
  • Automatic flame ignition by APC for FID
  • Stores up to 30 different analytical methods

High Performance Column Oven

  • Fast heating speed : up to 100/min
  • Fast cooling down speed : 6.5 min(from 450 to 50)
  • Programming ramp/plateaus: 15/16
  • Maximum temperature: 450

Economical Function

  • Time scheduling function : Scheduling of system ON and OFF
  • Run time based control : Automatically repeatable runs up to 9,999 analyses
  • Gas Saver : Carrier gas can be saved

Safety Function

a. Automatic flow & temperature control

: Detector “ON” after checking flow of reference and sample to protect TCD cell

b. Automatic flame ignition after checking the FID temperature

: Air/H2 flow will be blocked automatically if auto-ignition is set as “OFF

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  • Bench Top-Ion Meter, PH Meter
Bench Top-Ion Meter, PH Meter

Bench Top-Ion Meter, PH Meter

Rs 8,000  / PiecesGet Best Price

Bench-top ion meter, pH meter 
Measuring Parameters
pH,mV,Ion concentration and Temperature 

Bench-top ion meter, pH meter

 Model ELE-523 pH/Ion Concentration Meter

Measuring Parameters:

 pH,mV,Ion concentration,Temperature 


pH:-1.999 to 19.999 pH
mV:±1999.9 mV
Ion:0.00 to 14.00 pX (units:pX, mol/L, mg/L and ppm
Temp: (-10 to 110)oC

pH:±0.002 pH 
mV:±0.03% full scale
Ion:±0.5 % of readingmonovalent, ±1.0% of readingbivalent.
Temp: ±0.4o

pH:(0 to 100)oC
Ion:(0 to 60)o Ion:(0 to 60)o Ion:(0 to 60)o 

Features and Applications:

  • pH and ion concentration double-parameter meter with high accuracy. 
  • Equips model 2503 pH electrode, suitable for measure the weaker ionic strength, feculent and colloidal solution.
  • pH measure mode for high purified water and ammonia added purified water can be setup, suitable for use in electric power and petrifaction industry.
  • Meter inside with ten kinds of ions can be selected, also can self-define other ions.
  • There are four kinds of ion concentration measuring units: pX, mol/L, mg/L and ppm;
  • Two kinds of calibration solution can be self-setup to directly test the ion concentration of sample solution. 













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  • UV/Visible Double Beam Spectrophotometer
UV/Visible Double Beam Spectrophotometer

UV/Visible Double Beam Spectrophotometer

Rs 3.5 Lakh  / PieceGet Best Price

The Halo DB-20 is a high performance double beam spectrophotometer suitable for many analytical applications where a higher level of accuracy is required.


Spectral Features

 Coma aberration elimination from the concave diffraction grating achieves a high resolution 1.5nm (DB-20S : 1nm) spectral bandpass and certifies compliance of the Halo DB-20 to the stringent European Pharmacopoeia standards. Other specifications include an impressive wavelength accuracy of 0.3nm, noise level 0.0003Abs (500nm) and stray light 0.05% (220nm NaI, 340nm NaNO2).

Built-in and Diverse Range of Measurement Modes

Photometry Mode: Perform quantitative analyses in either absorbance or transmittance modes. Select from single wavelength, up to 6 different individual wavelengths, nucleic acid/protein A260/A280 ratios and set up calibration curves with up to 20 standards for concentration measurements.


Time Scan: Perform kinetic measurements for time periods ranging from 1 minute to >27 hours. Measurement intervals are factory preset and automatically selected when the scan time is set.


Wavelength scan: Perform a full spectral scan from 190 to 1,100nm at any of 8 incremental and preset selectable scan speeds starting from a high resolution 10nm/minute up to a swift 3,600nm/minute. Data is displayed as either numerical values or a graphical spectrum. Furthermore perform downstream processing of data, such as peak/valley search or smoothing, directly on board or with the optional Halo UV Detective software.


Dual Lamp Advantage

 By virtue of the long life, halogen tungsten and deuterium lamps, the Halo DB-20s wavelength range is an extensive 190nm - 1,100nm. Besides, the dual lamp system results in higher accuracy than corresponding xenon lamps. Lamp switching is automatic and selectable from a wavelength range of 325nm to 370nm.


User Friendly Operation and Information Rich LCD Display

 The extra-large 190mm x 138mm, backlit LCD screen with adjustable brightness control displays a large array of data also in graphical format. The seamless and chemical resistant keypad is designed for easy and quick selection of navigation and function features whilst protecting against any laboratory spills.


Validation Functions

 To ensure optimum instrument performance, self-diagnosis incorporating a number of parameters and wavelength calibration are automatically initiated upon start-up. The Halo DB-20 is also equipped with a GLP/GMP feature for analyses requiring validation and auditing. Parameters such as wavelength accuracy, wavelength reproducibility, bandpass, baseline flatness, baseline stability and noise level can be all validated and the audit report printed.


Stand alone or PC Operation

 The Halo DB-20 is fully equipped and capable of executing all functions in standalone mode. Simply connect a standard laser printer for direct printouts of data and graphs. For more advanced control, analyses and reporting, the simple slide of a switch places the Halo DB-20 under the direct control of the optional UV Detective software.


On-Board Data Storage

Up to 20 operating programs and up to 10 sets of measurement data can be stored in the flash memory of the Halo DB-20. Programs can easily be recalled, edited and deleted. In standalone mode, data (in text format) can be downloaded directly to an external memory stick via the USB port and transferred for further processing to any computer loaded with commercial spreadsheets (such as Microsoft Excel)


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  • FP Serious Flame Photometer
FP Serious Flame Photometer

FP Serious Flame Photometer

Rs 42,000  / Piece(s)Get Best Price

Flame Photometer



Flame Photometer is used for analyzing & measuring the content & concentration of elements (K, Na, Li, Ca, Ba). It can be widelyapplied to laboratory, clinical experiments and pathology research (serum, urine, plasma), agriculture (soil, fertilizer, tobacoo) industry (cement, glass, ceramics, mineral or ore powder, fireproof material), food (wine, water), etc.



  • K & Na filters & air-compressor as standard accessories.
  • Li, Ca, Ba filters as optional accessories.
  • Dual channel & 4 digital LED display.
  • Unique ignition path & keyboard operate.
  • Electronic flame failure detection.
  • Fine & coarse sensitivity controls.
  • Operates on L.P.G supply.
  • Easily maintained.

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  • Analytical Balance
Analytical Balance

Analytical Balance

Price on Request

One can avail form us a wide assortment of Analytical Balance, which are widely used in various analytical instrumental and scientific analytical labs. We procure these Analytical Instruments from the certified vendors who precisely engineer these Analytical Instruments with utmost care. We assure our clients for the smooth performance and maximum efficiency of these Analytical Instruments. We offer various ranges of these Analytical Instruments, including digital polari meter, density meter, and digital refract meter.


  • Optimum performance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Precisely engineered

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  • Orbital Shaker
Orbital Shaker

Orbital Shaker

Rs 45,000  / Piece(s)Get Best Price

Lab shakers are still commonly used in many chemical and biological laboratories, even though the magnetic stirrer is preferred in certain situations. A laboratory shaker allows a number of samples to be stirred simultaneously under identical condition


Lab shakers consist of a broad table or platform which is oscillated by means of an electric motor. The samples are placed either in a beaker or Erlenmeyer flask on top of the platform which is clamped around the neck, or in test tubes or vials which can be nested into an appropriate holder. Lab shakers agitate samples either through a reciprocating linear motion, backwards and forwards, or through an orbital motion. In an orbital shaker, the platform moves in a circular motion of small diameter to create a vortex effect within the samples. The orbital motion provides a swirling action on the sample which is ideal for aeration, for example. A linear shaker is more aggressive, making it ideal for applications in which reagents must be thoroughly mixed, such as extractions. Scilogex offers two sizes of orbital laboratory shaker, both of which offer a precise and easily controlled shaking motion for thorough mixing.


The orbital lab shakers from Scilogex are well designed and robust, providing a long working life even under repeated and continuous use. We offer two sizes of orbital shaker, suitable for mixing samples with a combined weight of 2.5 kg and 7.5 kg respectively. A wide range of platforms is available, making them ideal for use with culture flasks, Petri dishes, Erlenmeyer flasks, bottles and other vessels. These versatile orbital laboratory shakers operate with a 20-mm diameter orbital action, with a shaking speed ranging from 40 rpm to 350 rpm. For even greater convenience

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  • Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge
Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge

Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge

Rs 2.5 Lakh  / NoGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 No

We offer quality range of Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge. We are a prestigious company engaged in offering a wide range of Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge. These are precisely engineered by our highly experienced professionals using best quality material and advanced technology. Offered Refrigerated Centrifuges find applications in various laboratories and are highly reliable in nature. Moreover, our clients can avail these at very economical prices.

  • Process up to twice as many samples-all within the same footprint as comparable models
  • Increased capacity reduces processing time
  • Password protection provides added security to minimize accidental parameter changes or sample removal
  • Has various types of rotors as an optional

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  • Laboratory Micro Centrifuge
Laboratory Micro Centrifuge

Laboratory Micro Centrifuge

Price on Request

The Micro Centaur Plus is an improved version of the original Micro Centaur, adding new features and accessories. Its space-saving design and programmable features makes it an ideal choice for you laboratory. This powerful microcentrifuge is capable of speeds up to 14,000 rpm and can use a range of rotors up to 2.2ml capacity. A Haematocrit and PCR rotor is also available.

Convenient Top–Mounted Rotor

So much easier to load, empty or clean than rotors in wells. The rotor removes quickly for autoclaving. In case of an accident, spilled liquids or broken tubes remain in the rotor, not in the centrifuge.

Timer or 'Pulse' Operation

For short bursts of centrifugation or manual operation, simply press and hold the ‘Pulse’ button. For automatically controlled spins of longer duration, the timer can be set for intervals of up to 99 minutes.

Incredibly Light and Small

The Micro Centaur Plus microcentrifuge weighs only 5 kg meaning you can easily carry it from one laboratory to the next, or use it for off-site research purposes. Furthermore, its small footprint (270 x 220 x 180mm when closed) makes it an ideal choice in laboratories where space is a premium.

24 Tube Capacity

Choose which rotor best suits your centrifugation needs: 24 x 2.2ml, 18 x 0.5ml rotor, PCR strip or haematocrit rotor. Alternatively, you can combine the 24 x 2.2ml rotor with a tube support for added flexibility.

Smooth, Quiet Operation

The aerodynamically designed rotor spins smoothly and quietly, virtually without vibration, even at maximum speed.

Safety Lid Lock

An electronic interlock prevents operation of the lid release button while the rotor is in motion. An indicator light signals when the rotor has come to rest and the lid may be opened safely. For emergency situations such as power failures, an override key is provided.

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  • Micro Centrifuge
Micro Centrifuge

Micro Centrifuge

Price on Request

  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Easy-to-follow LCD display
  • Capacity: 12*1.5/2.0ml tubes
  • Separate short-spin key
  • Low sample heating (only 12 C after 30min, at max.speed)
  • Autoclavable rotor (121 C, 20min)
  • RMP/RCF setting as required
  • Includes standard rotor made of anodized aluminum
  • Timer can be set up to 99min
  • The small size of the unit makes it convenient for bench top use or in a hood or in refrigerated environments


Power requirement100W105W
Max. rotational speed13400 rpm14,500 rpm
Relative Centrifugal force (RCF)12100 x g14000 x g
Timer20 Sec ~ 99min
Acceleration time to max. speed40s42s
Braking time from max. speed52s55s
Dimensions (W*D*H)240*212*138mm

Optional Blocks

  • Adaptors for 0.5~0.6ml Tubes
  • Adaptors for 0.2ml Tubes

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  • Micro High Speed Centrifuge
Micro High Speed Centrifuge

Micro High Speed Centrifuge

Rs 2.5 Lakh  / Piece(s)Get Best Price

C2015 Micro high speed centrifuge


Features :

  • Speed: 500-15000Rpm in 10 Rpm Steps
  • Max RCF: 22000G
  • Timer: 0-99Minutes + Constant
  • Dims: 23x23x35Cms
  • Power:120 Watts


Rotors Available:
  • Micro tube
  • 24 x 1.5-2.2ml
  • Max Speed 15000rpm
  • Max RCF 22000G
  • Micro tube
  • 36 x 0.5ml tube
  • Max speed 15000rpm
  • Max RCF 22000G
  • BRK5448 Micro tube
  • 48 x 0.2ml tube
  • Max Speed 15000rpm
  • Max RCF 22000G
  • 4 x 8 Per Strip
  • Max Speed 15000rpm
  • Max RCF 22000G

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: C-2015

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  • Ultra Pure Water System
Ultra Pure Water System

Ultra Pure Water System

Rs 3.5 Lakh  / Piece(s)Get Best Price

Product Description


* Heal Force Ultra-pure Water System NW Series


Heal Force Ultra Pure Water System NW series is a water purification system which includes RO technology with the mixed bed resin(electronics grade), activated carbon, ultrafilter, UV oxidation technology to produce the best reagent grade water.

* Heal Force Ultra-pure Water System PW Series

Heal Force Ultra-pure Water System PW Series Ultra Pure Water System is an advanced and necessary laboratory equipment which is widely applied in labs, hospitals, research institutions and water quality monitoring areas to deal with precise instrument analysis, trade analysis, diagnosis reagent, toxicology research and sophisticated optics and so on. This equipment which adopts advanced module device, micro processor, nuclear-electric water treatment is a new-age ultra pure water system.

Technical Specifications:

  • Product Name: Ultra Pure Water System
  • Model: USP-162492
  • U.Price: Negotiable
  • Price Terms: Negotiable
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Negotiable
  • Delivery Lead Time: Negotiable
  • Product Origin: China


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  • Photo Colorimeter
Photo Colorimeter

Photo Colorimeter

Price on Request

Product Description:

  • It measures the absorbance of particular wavelengths of light by a specific solution.
  • This device is most commonly used to determine the concentration of a known solute in a given solution.


Technical Specifications:

  • Atcomaart Product Code : BMX018
  • Price : Price On Request
  • Brand : ADARSH
  • Mfg. Model No. : 312
  • Min Sell Qty. : 1.00 Pcs
  • Min Ship Qty. : 1.00 Pcs
  • Shipping Weight : 2.50 Kg
  • ShipDimension(LXWXH): Depends on Requirement
  • Pcs Per Carton/Pckg : 1
  • Dispatched In : 7 Days


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  • Flame Photometer
Flame Photometer

Flame Photometer

Price on Request


  • This instrument is used for analyzing & measuring the content & concentration of elements (K, Na, Li, Ca, Ba).
  • It can be widely applied to agriculture (soil, fertilizer, tobacoo), industry (cement, glass, ceramics, mineral or ore powder, fireproof material), food (wine, water), laboratory, clinical experiments and pathology research (serum, urine, plasma), etc.



  • With 5 channels and be able to detect K, Na, Li, Ca,
  • Operates on propane, butane or liquefied petroleum gas.
  • Ba 5 elements. With K, Na, Li, Ca, Ba five filters, which can detect three kinds of elements, show three kinds of element content simultaneous.
  • Standard accessories: air-compressor, PC software or micro-printer.
  • LCD Display, touch panel with numeric keypad.
  • Single point calibration & calibration curve can be saved.
  • RS232 interface, external computer or printer. With a mist separator

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  • Eppendorf Micropipettes
Eppendorf Micropipettes

Eppendorf Micropipettes

Rs 17,000  / PieceGet Best Price
We have excelled in the business of manufacturing, exporting, and supplying the best grade Micropipettes. Designed to perfection, the Micropipettes available with us are required for varied laboratory experiments. Further, the separate tip ejection (two-button operation) and the ergonomics certified by TÜV Rheinland make these Micropipettes indispensable. These Micropipettes are designed using innovative technology thus; these possess some advanced features like fixed-volume, adjustable and multi-channel.

Features :

  • 3-year guarantee
  • Two-button operation
  • Autoclavable (lower part)
  • Calibration seal for ISO 8655 conform usage
  • Chemical resistant materials
  • Reduced pipetting force
  • Single-hand operation
  • 4-digit display

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